Briton Frank Lowe, founder, chairman and ceo of The Lowe Group - Lowe Lintas & Partners since parent Interpublic merged it in 1999 with Ammirati Puris Lintas – is to stand down in favor of his lieutenant and compatriot, Jerry Judge.

Judge (51), who joined the agency in 1994, will add the chief executive’s role to his presidency of LL&P. Fomerly, he ran Lowe & Partners Europe and the London office of Lowe Howard-Spink.

Says Lowe, who qualifies for his UK bus pass in August: “I've always thought that I would stop being chief executive when I turned 60. I want to go back – in the last years of my career – to doing advertising instead of doing numbers. At the moment, I'm more of a super administrator."

A factor in Lowe's decision to quit his chief executive role was the global commuting from his home in Geneva, logging 137 flights last year, including fourteen trips to New York, mainly related to his Interpublic duties. "I needed to pull back on that schedule,” he said.

Nevertheless, Lowe will retain his links with Interpublic via a key role within its new holding company, The Partnership. Interpublic ceo John Dooner would not comment on Lowe’s new position, save to observe: "He will remain a driving force of the agency, not only toward creativity, but the overall business."

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