PARIS: French consumers are more sophisticated smartphone users than their German and British counterparts, new figures from Google suggest.

According to a new blogpost by Frank Albert Coates, a European marketing manager at the search firm, 59% of French users browse the mobile web each day, compared to 55% of UK users and 45% of German users.

France also beats out its European rivals in the proportion of mobile users that has taken a photo or video with their phone (84%), watched mobile web videos (50%), banked online (41%) or watched TV shows on their phone (24%).

In all, just over one in four (27%) of all French adults use smartphones - and web traffic from the devices is six times higher than it was a year ago.

Google predicted that the devices' penetration rate will rise to 55% in France by 2015.

"The availability and popularity of best in class mobile devices has created a large French consumer base of educated and enthusiastic smartphone users," Coates wrote.

"France is one of the most sophisticated European mobile markets with operators continually driving the market forwards with the distribution of new smartphones."

The blogpost added that French people are more likely to download apps for their mobile phones than the typical European.

They show a preference for free apps - of the 28 products on the typical French phone, only five will have been paid for.

Data sourced from Google; additional content by Warc staff