FRANKFURT: The future of Ford Motor Company's Swedish-made luxury Volvo marque is still under discussion, says the chairman of Ford's European unit, Lewis Booth.

Rumors about the brand's future have been circulating for many months but Booth told journalists at this week's Frankfurt Motor Show: "The decisions we make are not around 'would it be better to have it or not have it?'"

"The decisions are, can we manage, do we have the financial resources to do everything? Clearly, we've concluded with Jaguar and Land Rover we don't ... This is a discussion of realities."

  • Meantime, Europe's biggest automaker, German-headquartered Volkswagen, is planning to treble the number of vehicles it sells in the US over the next ten years.

    The company's top executive stateside, Stefan Jacoby, says VW (which also owns the luxury Audi brand) wants to sell a million vehicles in the US by 2018, up from the 330,000 it currently moves.

    Data sourced from Wall Street Journal Online; additional content by WARC staff