CHICAGO: Ford's updated Fiesta Movement has surpassed the success of the original campaign from five years ago, and also driven a 25% increase in brand favourability, according to an executive from the company.

Speaking at the IEG Sponsorship Conference 2014, Crystal Worthem, Ford's manager/brand content and alliances, said it had been wary of simply repeating the original Fiesta Movement from 2009.

This initiative gave 100 influential web users a Fiesta to drive for six months in exchange for uploading material to the internet outlining their thoughts. At the same time, she said, "you don't want to abandon a great idea."

The scale of change that had occurred in the social media landscape during the four years since the original Fiesta Movement also meant a suitably updated version of the campaign could reach a lot more people.

Indeed, Worthem reported that the combined reach of the 100 individuals chosen to take part in the Movement in 2013 was 500 times larger on Twitter than for the 2009 cohort; on Facebook, it was 1,000 times greater.

Moreover, sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr didn't even exist when the original Movement began. (For more, including how Ford leveraged its partnerships, read Warc's exclusive report: How Ford's Fiesta Movement kept pace with new social media habits.)

The 100 "agents" in 2013 were allowed to use the sites and tone of voice they preferred, with Ford then pulling the resulting material together on a dedicated website and reusing selected content for paid-media advertising.

"All we did was, basically, amplify what was being said in the social space as well as things that were coming from our Ford Fiesta handle on Facebook and Twitter, and amplify those things that were resonating," Worthem explained.

The success of this approach was made clear as Worthem reported that the Fiesta Movement has driven a 25% lift in positive opinions of the Ford brand and the Fiesta car.

Data sourced from Warc