Taylor Nelson Sofres Interactive today released its Global e-Commerce Report 2001 based on more than 42,000 interviews during March-May 2001. It reveals a year-on-year increase of 50% in the proportion of internet users who have shopped online.

The report covers: internet penetration, ecommerce penetration, products purchased online, reasons for not purchasing products online, and the mobile internet.

The second of its kind, the survey defines an internet user as “someone who has personally used the internet in the past month (at time of interview)” and covers thirty-six countries/territories. It can be accessed at http://www.tnsofres.com/ger2001.

In the UK, the study found that the proportion of online shoppers had increased by 33% per cent during the past twelve months, implying that six per cent of adults- or 24% of all UK internet users – have bought or ordered goods or services online during the past month. The survey also revealed that …

• Some 34% of the adult population has used the internet in the last month (with 40% of males, and 28% of females doing so), compared with the global average of 31%

• The proportion of the adult population that has used the internet in the last four weeks has increased by seven per cent since last year

• Some 12% of internet users say that they plan to buy or order goods or services online within the next six months

• The most popular items are books with 25% of online shoppers purchasing them over the internet in the last month, and music/CDs (20%). In third place is groceries/food (14%).

Comments TNSi’s Pete Cape: “These findings confirm that online shopping is starting to take off and its potential is now being recognised by many internet users.”

News source: Taylor Nelson Sofres Interactive