LOUISVILLE, CO: Online grocery shopping in the USA is continuing to grow in popularity, as confirmed by a new survey of US consumers that reveals 54% increased their online activity by an average of 29% over the past year.

Door to Door Organics, a Colorado-based online grocery service, polled 1,100 US adults in the first week of April 2015 and found only 4% had decreased the amount of grocery shopping they carried out online.

It remained the same for 42% of consumers and, taken together, it meant that the online option accounted for just under a fifth (19%) of all grocery shopping last year.

This online trend is being driven partly by the pressure of modern-day living and its impact on consumers' spare time, causing them to place a premium on time-saving convenience.

Survey respondents indicated they had an average of only 82 minutes of free time a day and spent an average of 69 minutes each week shopping for groceries. They valued one hour of their time to be worth $56 per hour.

The convenience of online shopping went some way to meeting their desire to save time but, encouragingly for brick-and-mortar retailers, the survey also showed consumers relied on multiple options to carry out their weekly shop.

Only 13% of respondents said a single outlet, whether online or a physical store, met their weekly grocery shopping needs.

About one-third (34%) shopped at two stores once a week and a full 53% shopped at three or more grocery stores each week, including both online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Commenting on the report, Chad Arnold, the CEO of Door to Door Organics, advised retailers to ensure they meet this growing desire for convenience.

"It's becoming increasingly harder for consumers to find a 'one-stop shop' that meets all their grocery shopping needs," he said.

"Today's grocery shopper appreciates variety, wants to have easy access to all kinds of produce and products, but also values convenience based on being busier than ever.

"This is one of the primary reasons why consumers are making online grocery shopping a more regular part of their week, and I don't expect that trend to turn downward anytime soon."

Data sourced from PR Newswire; additional content by Warc staff