AOL was today (Friday) consigned to the corporate trashcan, as the planet's largest media company Time Warner officially began trading under its new-old name.

But AOL will continue to function as TW's internet arm, better able to focus on its brand identity now it has shed its corporate mantle - or so TW claims. But most onlookers believe the prime reason behind the relabeling is to symbolically slam the door on the group's ill-starred marriage with the so-called 'new economy'.

In an act of even greater tokenism Time Warner also changed its symbol on the NYSE from "AOL" to "TWX," reverting from today to the code used before its merger with AOL.

Naturally a new logo is de rigeur, the effort by New York brand identity consultancy Lippincott Mercer also being unveiled today. Time Warner decided to stay with blue as its corporate color .

"The focus of the effort was to reinforce the presentation of the Time Warner name as the parent company identity," said Lippincott ceo Ken Roberts. "The exploration that we did was really designed to reinforce the feeling of a parent."

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