NEW YORK: Families in the US are engaging in an increasingly diverse range of digital activities, and are using more wireless devices than ever before, a study has found.

Cisco, the technology group, commissioned Opinion Research, the survey firm, to poll 250 adults, each of which had both a wireless connection and one or more children living in their home.

It reported that the most popular digital pastimes among the panel were browsing the web and accessing email, logging a total uptake of 92%.

Regularly downloading music and video scored 67% to claim second place, as consumers turn to user-generated content platforms like YouTube, video-on-demand services and properties such as iTunes.

In a demonstration of the rising penetration of new devices, two-thirds of respondents often utilised a tablet or smartphone via their wireless network at home.

However, the gadgets connected to these networks with the greatest degree of frequency were actually games consoles, on 66%, smartphones, with 41%, and wireless printers, posting 36%.

Overall, 62% of adults used the internet in this way on a daily basis, while 71% did so between five and seven days a week.

Meanwhile, based on parents' estimates, Cisco suggested 46% of children log on to the web in the same fashion every day, and 54% participate in this activity at least five days per week.

"Consumers are now embracing a wireless connected lifestyle for the entire family," said Brett Wingo, general manager of Cisco's home networking business unit.

Data sourced from Cisco; additional content by Warc staff