SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook, the world's biggest online social network with about 1.2bn members globally, has announced plans to run 15-second video ads in users' newsfeeds from late April or early May 2014.

After testing began in December last year, the company is now in a position to offer video slots for a limited number of US advertisers over the next few months, Bloomberg reported.

As part of its delicate balancing act of seeking to increase revenue while also avoiding aggravating users, the 15-second ads will play without any sound, will stop entirely if users scroll past them, and appear in news feeds no more than three times per day.

Facebook also said that it will only allow video ads that it judges are of a high-enough quality standard, and these assessments will be conducted in partnership with Ace Metrix, the video evaluation firm.

Although Facebook did not go into details about pricing, audiences for these premium videos will be measured by Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings (OCR), International Business Times disclosed, and advertisers will then pay according to what Nielsen OCR discovers.

The good news for advertisers is that they will be able to choose specific times of the day for their videos as well as the means to target users by age and gender. Bloomberg reported that the ads will range in price from $1m to about $2.5m a day.

In reference to the ongoing work the company has put in to build its reputation with advertisers, Brian Boland, Facebook's vice-president of ads product marketing, claimed the average Facebook reach for targeted campaigns is 92% accurate.

"We're becoming much more solution-oriented, rather than giving advertisers a bunch of products and saying, hey, you figure it out," he said.

Data sourced from Bloomberg, International Business Times; additional content by Warc staff