SAN FRANCISCO: Advertisers wanting to extend their TV campaigns to Facebook have been able to do so via the social network's target rating point (TRP) buying function for several months, but now this has been upgraded to make the process easier.

Facebook announced in a business blog that it is introducing two new features to help advertisers extend their TV campaigns to both Facebook and Instagram.

Advertisers will be able to use Nielsen designated market areas (DMAs) through TRP Buying, which allows them to match their target market on Facebook to their TV buys.

In addition, advertisers can now buy day parts, in a four-hour block or more, enabling them to reach consumers at specific times of the day when their campaign messages may resonate the most.

"[The] new features enable advertisers to build creative that works in the mobile feed and plan and purchase the campaigns that will bring their videos to life," Facebook said.

On top of the new TRP targeting features, Facebook outlined some examples of successful video advertising on its mobile feed and also provided advice about how to create an effective video.

Facebook said it worked with agencies Wieden+Kennedy, BBDO Chicago and BBDO San Francisco on a number of campaigns and optimised their TV ads for mobile.

It claimed that its work with BBDO Chicago, on behalf of Wrigley's, created a mobile-optimised ad that resulted in an 8-point increase in recall and 7x increase in impressions.

The blog then went on to provide advertisers with four key tips for designing mobile creative on Facebook.

Videos should capture attention quickly and also should be designed for no sound because most video ads on mobile are viewed without sound.

It is also important to frame the visual story so that it can be told well on a small screen and, finally, advertisers should keep experimenting and testing ideas.

Data sourced from Facebook; additional content by Warc staff