LONDON: Facebook and Microsoft are developing new technology that could transform the way consumers use the internet, according to Dan Calladine, research director at digital agency network Isobar.

Calladine argues that Facebook Connect, which allows consumers to sign into other websites using their Facebook identity, could help make the internet as a whole much more "social".

One practical example of this is the restaurant review portal UrbanSpoon, which enables visitors from the social networking service to log-in and see what their "friends" have written and viewed on its site.

By expanding this technology further, Facebook can make the web easier to use, and could even take "virtual ownership" of other online services.

Microsoft's Silverlight hosted the coverage of the 2008 Olympics on NBC's web portal, and the March Madness NBA baseketball live on YouTube.

The level of detail available using this system will make web-based video much more engaging for viewers, and increase the possibilities of how online content can be developed and displayed.

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Data sourced from WARC Online