Facebook joined more established food, tech and leisure brands on the list of the most popular branded search terms used by Warc clients in 2011.

Overall, the social media group emerged as the third most-used branded search term – behind only McDonald's and Apple – on Warc over the last 12 months. (For more details about the most popular material featured on Warc in 2011, click here.)

The ubiquity of Facebook made it a more widespread branded search term among Warc users than Nike, Starbucks and Old Spice, the revived Procter & Gamble toiletries brand, which were in fourth, fifth and sixth positions respectively.

Elsewhere in the list, Facebook was also well ahead of its rival Google, which is hoping to enlarge its own social media presence via the Google+ platform.

Elsewhere, retail was represented by Ikea, the seventh most searched-for brand on Warc, and Tesco at number nine.

From the food and soft drinks category, there was Coca-Cola, among the world's most valuable brands but only the eighth most searched-for brand on Warc, and Red Bull in tenth.

Other popular branded searches included Dove, Lynx, Nestlé and BMW.

Data sourced from Warc