NEW YORK: A growing number of major brands are creating apps linked to Facebook's Timeline feature, which gathers together all of the information about a user's activity on the social network in one place.

"In the past two months, nearly 3,000 Timeline apps have launched," Austin Haugen, a project manager at Facebook, said. "Some of the most innovative companies are launching new Timeline apps."

One example is Nike's Fuelband, a web-connected wristband for runners which tracks metrics like the distance they have travelled and their speed. Its related app allows consumers to find their friends and compare statistics, and it will soon enable them to post these figures directly to the Timeline.

"[This app brings] innovation to every athlete in the world," Ricky Engelberg, an experience director for digital sport at Nike, told Adweek. "If you have a body, you're an athlete."

Similarly, Endomondo, a sports community based on GPS tracking, boasts an app letting runners and bikers reveal the route they are taking while they exercise, and their performance metrics.

"If one of my friends is on my Timeline ... he can follow me and go from there, he can send me a pep talk [which is] read live into my headset," Mads Mikkelsen, Endomondo's vice president for business development, said. "Those type of tools are available to make sports more fun and more social."

Elsewhere, an app from Fandango, NBCUniversal's online community for movie enthusiasts, encourages users to spread their views and enter into discussions via Facebook.

Nicholas Lehman, NBCUniversal's president, digital entertainment and digital networks, argued that this replicates activities that people have "always done" offline: watching and talking about films together.

"I think movies are inherently social," he added. "This just amplifies that behavior."

Pinterest, the rapidly growing photo sharing platform, has seen its daily active Facebook user base expand by 60% in the two months since introducing a dedicated Timeline application.

Goodreads, a website where book lovers can share reading lists and opinions, similarly enjoyed a 77% lift in daily traffic, and Pose, performing a similar service for fashion, saw sign-up rates rise five times over on PC and mobile in the same period.

Foursquare, the geo-location service, The Onion, the satirical news publication, and Vevo, the music platform, have also all created apps letting Facebook members interact more easily.

Data sourced from USA Today, Adweek, Facebook; additional content by Warc staff