PALO ALTO: Facebook founder and ceo Mark Zuckerberg has made what he hopes is a savvy move to realize the revenue potential of his social networking creation.

The appointment of Google global online sales vp Sheryl Sandberg (pictured) to the role of chief operating officer and Facebook number two signals recognition by young gun Zuckerberg (23) that the once-hot social networking trailblazer needs experienced management to translate its billions of monthly page views into a billion-dollar business.

The firm's last money-making foray was roundly condemned by Facebook's main asset - its members. Thousands turned on the social networking site's Beacon advertising system which circulated purchasing information among thier 'friends'.

Sandberg's mission is to avoid similar embarrassing setbacks and help steer the company forward on a golden path similar to that of her previous employer.

Says Zuckerberg: "It's going to be very valuable for me to have a partner [helping] me to think about how to do operations, especially as the organization grows very large and as we scale internationally."

Facebook reportedly plans to double its revenue to between $300 million (€197.5m; £151m) and $350m this year, its fourth full year in business.

Sandberg has been in her role at Google for six years. She helped set up, the Mountain View-based search titan's philanthropic arm.

Previously, she served as the US Treasury Department's chief of staff during the Clinton administration.

Data sourced from Wall Street Journal Online; additional content by WARC staff