LOS ANGELES: Facebook is regarded by marketers as by far the most important social network for helping them grow and market their business, a recent survey has revealed.

That is the opinion of over half (52%) of the 3,720 marketers who participated in the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, MarketingProfs reported.

Produced by Social Media Examiner, the online magazine, the report sought the opinion of both B2C and B2B marketers, although the former made up the great majority of survey participants (61% versus 39%).

Overall, about a fifth (21%) view LinkedIn as the most effective social platform for marketing their business, but the social network for professionals is much more important for B2B marketers. 41% say it is the most important network they use compared with 30% who opt for Facebook.

Returning to the survey results for all marketers, Twitter ranks third (13%), followed by YouTube and Google+ (both 4%), Pinterest (3%) and Instagram (2%). Social media sites and forums are each seen as the most effective for 1% of marketers.

As well as being seen as most important, Facebook is also the social network most used by marketers to grow their business.

A full 93% of the marketers surveyed say they use Facebook, followed by Twitter (73%), LinkedIn (71%), Google+ (56%), YouTube (55%), Pinterest (45%) and Instagram (36%). Snapchat and Vine, the social sites particularly popular with teenagers, are used by only 2% and 4% respectively.

Increased exposure is seen by 90% as the main benefit of social media marketing, but other important benefits include increased traffic (77%), developing loyalty (69%), providing marketplace insight (68%), generating leads (65%) and improving search rankings (58%).

Finally, some 68% of marketers say they want to improve their knowledge about how to use Facebook effectively, while 62% want to learn more about how to use LinkedIn.

Data sourced from MarketingProfs; additional content by Warc staff