Wallowing in red ink since the second half of 2002, one of the globe's great newspaper titles will be back in the black in the fourth and final quarter of this year.

The Financial Times, which along with the Wall Street Journal reigns supreme as co-ruler of the world's business press, has been hard hit both by the decline in advertising and restructuring costs.

However, according to a trading update for the first nine months of this year issued by FT parent Pearson, the pink 'un is "on track" to lop £20 million ($36.95m; €28.59m) in from its losses in Q3 and enter the ebony during the fourth quarter.

On a global scale, Pearson reported "good growth" in Europe and Asia, although offset by a "weaker" US corporate advertising market.

Data sourced from mad.co.uk; additional content by WARC staff