Thomson Intermedia’s new web venture has hired Lowe Direct to mastermind its £3.5m launch. Claiming to provide "the inside track on high street shopping", the consumer-oriented service enables users to view all current advertising in UK newspapers, magazines and other media. Free2look offers an in-depth view of all advertised products and services, enabling shoppers to compare advertisers’ offers on a wide range of product lines. It is viewable both on- and off-line

Says Sara-Jane Thomson, free2look managing director: "Lowe Direct has worked with us through the development stage so we know the chemistry is right. Our first task is to carve a place among the existing shopping sites. Our product is unique and will be far more comprehensive than many of our competitors."

The new campaign is expected to launch at the end of the month across a variety of media, including television, outdoor, press, radio and online – although specific media choices have yet to be made.

CampaignLive (UK)