Europe’s two principal below-the-line trade bodies, FEDMA (Federation of European Direct Marketing Associations) and EPMA (the European Promotional Marketing Alliance) have joined forces to lobby for a positive outcome to the proposed Regulation on Sales Promotion – currently on its tortuous journey through the European Union's law-making labyrinth.

The European Commission has long been concerned about the lack of a genuine Internal Market for Services within the EU. Supported by FEDMA and EPMA, the Commission specifically pleaded for a single market for commercial communications and in October 2001 presented the aforesaid proposal.

“By pooling forces in terms of lobby activities and public affairs both organisation can benefit more from the time and efforts invested in the issue,” enthused FEDMA director general, Alastair Tempest.

Edwin Mutton, an EPMA board member and director general of the UK’s Institute of Sales Promotion, echoed Tempest’s commitment: “It is essential for us to work in close co-operation with other organisations for which this issue is of great importance. FEDMA has become a natural partner and we have decided that working in a close co-operation will make both parties stronger and increase the chances to reach the objectives of our members.”

Data sourced from: FEDMA; additional content by WARC staff