US-based multinational internet operating and development company CMGI has hired FCB Worldwide as its global creative and interactive agency of record.

Although no value tag was attached to the win, FCB’s New York office will next year launch a series of campaigns utilizing press, radio and interactive media.

CMGI, which currently has some seventy internet brands in its portfolio, said on Friday: “[We are] ready to embark on an extended branding initiative that supports our aggressive operating goals for internet market leadership and expansion, and can strengthen the global presence of the CMGI brand for all our affiliated companies."

FCB Worldwide president Kelly O'Dea chipped-in on cue: "When the dust settles from the current technology market fallout, the leaders of the next chapter will emerge and CMGI will be one of them," he said. "They know where the market is going and they've got the strategy, innovative skill and operational base to get there. We're absolutely delighted to partner with them on this challenge."

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)