CHICAGO: F David Radler (64), erstwhile right-hand to fallen media magnate Lord Conrad Black, and the prosecution's star witness in the latter's fraud and racketeering trial, on Monday took the stand to give evidence against his former colleague and boss.

His Lordship's defense team suggested that Radler (pictured above) had himself contrived backstairs deals, milking millions of dollars from Hollinger International [H-Intl] whilst Black was otherwise involved in the running of of newspaper businesses outside the USA.

Not so, Radler assured federal prosecutor Eric H Sussman: "I did not make a financial decision without consulting Conrad Black."

"Anywhere in the world?" probed Sussman.

"I do not remember selling a newspaper anywhere without consulting Mr. Black," avowed Radler, quondam president/chief operating officer at H-Intl.

Black, Radler insisted, asserted his dominance over all Hollinger's worldwide activities and he (Radler) was required to bring every major financial decision to his attention.

Sussman: "Would you submit them for Mr Black's comments and suggestions?"

Radler: "Yes, I would."

In response to further questioning by Sussman, Radler told the jury he had plead guilty to robbing H-Intl of millions of dollars in collusion with Black and his three co-defendants. He had since paid $8.5 million in restitution.

Radler also explained that he had made a deal with prosecutors to testify against Black, in return for which he will serve a lenient 29-month sentence.

Data sourced from Business Week (online); additional content by WARC staff