Adding indignity to ignominy, erstwhile media baron Lord Conrad Black is being thrown out of his corporate offices.

Hollinger Incorporated [H-Inc] has issued an eviction notice to Black's private holding company, Ravelston, ordering it to quit the prestigious and historic Toronto, Canada, building by the end of May.

H-Inc, the holding company that controls Chicago Sun-Times publisher Hollinger International [H-Intl], is suing its former ceo and Ravelston for financial misconduct to the tune of C$636 million ($524m, €405m, £279m).

Black, the former proprietor of the UK's Daily and Sunday Telegraph newspapers, was forced from the ceo role at H-Intl in 2003. He and former henchman David Radler are currently subject to a criminal investigation by the US Attorney's Office in Chicago. They also face civil fraud charges filed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

These relate to $85 million of company funds allegedly diverted into their own pockets - a charge vigorously denied by both men who insist the payments were authorized by the H-Intl board.

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