LONDON: The typical European web user spends 22 hours online a month, viewing an average of 2,265 pages during this period, with France, Turkey and the UK among the countries with the highest usage levels, a comScore study covering 17 markets says.

According to comScore's World Metrix, Germany is the region's largest online market, with 40 million unique users, who normally spend 22 hours on the web each month, and access 2,601 pages.

The UK has 36.8 million netizens, who go online for 29 hours a month, and have an average dwell time of 1.4 minutes per web page for the 2,482 pieces of information they view in a month.

France, in third, has 36.3 million web users, viewing 2,971 pages in the space of 28 hours, while their 31.3 million counterparts in Russia typically access 2,228 pages in 15 hours, with a dwell time of 2.5 minutes a page.

Turkey came top of the rankings in terms of both the average hours per web user and the typical number of pages views, posting 32 hours of time online and 3,044 views, amounting to 1.6 minutes per page.

Mike Read, svp and managing director of comScore Europe, said the "heavy engagement" of Turkish consumers results from use of "social networking and entertainment media sites, which maintain users' attention for extended periods of time."

Facebook is estimated to have a "reach" of 72% among Turkey's online audience of 17.8 million, beaten only by sites owned by Google and Microsoft, which scored 90% and 87% respectively.

By contrast, Austrians spend just 14 hours a month online, viewing 1,562 pages, with Irish web users logging on for just 17 hours, and viewing 1,641 pages.

Data sourced from Marketing Charts; additional content by WARC staff