A survey which claims European consumers are abandoning print for the internet will make uncomfortable reading for some newspaper companies.

Research by the European Internet Advertising Association says time spent online accounts for 20% of total media consumption, nearly twice the time consumers say they spend reading newspapers.

Online time has doubled in the past year while reading time has declined by 2%, says the survey, based on a 1,500 pan-European sample.

Claims EIAA executive director Alison Fennah: "Due to the rise in broadband penetration people are spending more time online to the detriment of other media."

The EIAA also reports a decline in TV viewing, as a proportion of the time spent consuming media, down by 10% to 31%.

Most of those surveyed have TVs but more than a third of them say they watch less television and spend more time on the internet. Nearly two-thirds say the use the web as a news source.

Data sourced from MediaGuardian.co.uk; additional content by WARC staff