Papers analysing the latest trends were among the most interesting articles for Warc's European clients this year, with three such pieces in the top five items accessed by this group.

A look at the evolution of the media landscape, 11 media trends for 2011, took the top spot, with 10 global consumer trends in 2011 coming in second.

Meanwhile, a paper focusing on new media, 10 trends in digital marketing, was in fifth.

Other media papers took the remaining spots in the top five, with Highlights from the World Digital Media Trends report in third and Effectiveness lies in channel integration, discussing a study that measured campaigns' business results against the media channels they used, in fourth.

Media planning issues were also a major concern in Europe, with Grow organic planning and buying coming in sixth and Don't stop at the door of the store, looking into channel planning, in eighth.

General marketing issues also attracted attention, with The new rules of marketing, picking up some common themes from strategies that had recently proved effective in various global territories, occupying seventh position.

However, no one paper focusing on a single advertiser made the European top ten, unlike in Asia, where Unilever assumed such a status.

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Data sourced from Warc