ISP markets in the main European economies are consolidating, reports internet monitoring organisation EURO.NET.

Its latest study shows that the markets in Germany, France and the UK are now dominated by a handful of ISPs – controlling on average over two-thirds of their respective territories. In France and Germany, this dominance is even greater reaching an estimated seventy-five per cent.

Future growth in providers’ market share will be driven by broadband access, predicts the report, with 37% of French surfers saying they intend to switch to broadband at some future date. Around one third of German users expressed a similar intention, whilst in the UK 29% are expected to switch.

As at June 2001, however, a mere six per cent of internet users in Germany and France access the net via broadband services, this proportion being even lower in Britain where it stands at barely three per cent – due many critics allege to the intransigent attitude of dominant telecoms operator British Telecom.

The report is based on a panel of 30,133 computer-aided telephone interviews conducted by NFO Infratest in Germany, Great Britain and France during June 2001.

News source: Daily Research News Online