Luxury and social media were among the topics of greatest recent importance to Warc's European users, according to the latest annual data covering this group.

In spite of the continent's financial woes, high on the list was The 8Ps of luxury brand marketing, which identifies the major motivators fuelling the desire for high-end goods, and the key elements for leveraging a brand's potential. (For more details about the most popular material featured on Warc in 2012, click here.)

Looking down the charts, although general trend-based materials were highly popular in the region (and across Warc's entire global client base), social media and how brands should approach it was also a pervasive theme.

For example, The power of like was widely-read for its in-depth analysis of the reach and frequency of branded content on Facebook, and how impressions often go beyond fans to reach their friends as well.

Equally, Rules of engagement revealed the results of a UK-based project studying over 2m brand-related posts on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, from which it drew 18 rules of conduct for brands utilising social media.

Similarly, Social media marketing presented some common themes of effectiveness, synthesised from the insights and findings of Cranfield School of Management.

Finally, putting this research in a consumer-centric context was the equally popular This digital life, an international research report into people's attitudes towards the rapid social and technological changes being driven by the digital revolution.

Data sourced from Warc