The European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs and the Internal Market last week voted in favour of the ‘country of origin’ principle in the European Commission's Communication on E-Commerce and Financial Services.

The Committee’s decision, which also strengthens the foundation of an integrated EU financial services market, indicates Parliament's likely acceptance of the ‘coi’ principle when it is put to a plenary vote on September 20.

FEDMA (the Federation of European Direct Marketing Associations) declared its delight at the decision by the influential committee. Said director general Alastair Tempest: “Without it the basis of the EU Single Market in general and the growth of e-commerce and direct marketing specifically will be jeopardised. The country of origin is essential for a European e-business to develop in a healthy manner."

FEDMA also hopes that Parliament’s plenary vote next week on another issue – the Directive on Telecommunications and Privacy (ISDN) – will reinforce the opt-out system for unsolicited emails, thereby ensuring consistency with the EU Directives on E-Commerce and Distance Selling. This, believes FEDMA, is the only viable solution for the development of e-commerce in Europe.

News source: FEDMA