Research company NFO Infratest’s EURO.NET survey has found several differences in the online shopping habits of consumers in Britain, France and Germany.

The most apparent difference is in payment. Some 72% of online shoppers in Britain use their credit cards, disclosing their numbers online. However, 58% of French shoppers pay this way, and only 15% in Germany. In contrast, 35% of German web buyers pay on delivery (compared with 1% UK and 18% France) and 31% after receipt of invoice (compared with 1% UK and 0% France).

It also found differences in the products purchased. Books are the most popular online buy in all three countries, with over 30% of web shoppers purchasing reading material in each. However, in Britain and France, music CDs and travel are the next two most popular items, while in Germany they are clothing, then CDs.

Only 4% of German online buyers purchase holidays on the web, compared with 17% in Britain and 19% in France. Meanwhile, 18% of French surfers buy food online, far more than the 8% in the UK and 2% in Germany.

News source: Daily Research News Online