LONDON: Entertaining ads are the most likely to have an impact among members of social networks in the UK, a report has shown.

According to figures from Dynamic Logic, which is part of Millward Brown, 62% of adults in the country now regularly use services such as Facebook and Twitter.

In line with trends in other markets, uptake levels are highest among young consumers, standing at 77% for 18–34 year olds and 51% for 35–44 year olds.

These totals declined to 47% for the 45–54 year old demographic and 25% for their counterparts who were 55 years old+.

Some 82% of the netizens that accessed social networks utilised these platforms to stay in touch with "distant family members" and 87% did so to connect with old friends.

Elsewhere, 42% of people said these portals enabled them to keep up with current events, and 33% believed they provided a means of following the latest fads and trends.

With regard to advertising on social media sites, 81% of contributors agreed that amusing executions were the most memorable, compared with 56% who afforded this status to relevant ads.

Unexpected ads posted a score of 37% on this measure, falling to 29% for informative ads and 22% for ads that featured celebrities.

More broadly, only 6% of respondents had abandoned a social network due to the amount of advertising it contained.

"We know not all social media users are alike, although more people are actively participating," said Christina Goodman, director of global marketing and business development, Dynamic Logic.

"The challenge will be to offer people relevant and entertaining advertising in a way that isn't intrusive but [is] engaging."

Data sourced from Marketing Week; additional content by Warc staff