LONDON: Energy drink brands have seen their purchase consideration rates improve, in a sign that changes to their marketing strategies have worked, new research suggests.

According to YouGov BrandIndex, the brand perception tracker, the category has rebounded from a sharp fall in perception recorded in the US at the end of 2012, which followed on from reports citing the possible involvement of Monster Energy and 5-hour Energy in a number of fatalities.

Although consumer perception has not recovered to the levels seen in the first half of 2012, 5-hour Energy has recovered faster than its rivals, the report found.

The analysis added that this was possibly because of a new marketing campaign based on a charitable theme, whereby the company posted 20 videos with the theme "5-hour Energy Helps Amazing People".

5-hour Energy also announced plans to donate some of the proceeds from its new raspberry-flavoured energy drink to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer campaign.

On its part, Monster Energy proposed voluntary guidelines for the marketing of energy drinks, and its CEO, Rodney Sacks, recently stated that the brand's sales had increased by more than 9%, based on data from Nielsen, the market research company.

Energy drink purchase consideration for 5-hour Energy, Monster and Red Bull increased closely together, YouGov said, indicating possible sales increases across the board.

Purchase consideration was calculated by asking respondents which brands they would consider when they were next in the market to purchase items in the category.

The three brands were also measured using YouGov's Buzz score, which asks survey respondents whether they have heard anything positive or negative about brands over the previous two weeks, be it from advertising, news or word-of-mouth. Totals here had all improved.

Data sourced from YouGov BrandIndex; additional content by Warc staff