MADRID: Email is by far the preferred form of marketing communications among Spanish consumers, well ahead of ads on TV, mobile and social networks, a survey has found.

According to a study from conZumo, the ecommerce platform, email scored 60% on this measure, beating TV on 14%, press on 10%, social media on 8%, radio on 5% and text messages on 3%.

More broadly, the analysis revealed that a weekly email was considered the ideal frequency with which to receive marketing messages from brand owners.

By contrast, however, 79% of the sample did not engage with advertising on mobile devices, and 70% concurred with this statement when discussing social networks like Facebook.

While assessing advertising as a whole, some 64% of interviewees believed it was of a broadly high standard, and only 36% wanted to see an improvement.

A further 50% of respondents agreed that digital ads on the web and mobile were average, whereas 26% described them as "good" and 8% believed they were "very good".

In determining which types of internet ads were most useful, 46% of the panel pointed to those for computers and technology products, topping travel on 23%. Entertainment and fashion both generated 8% here.

Sporting goods posted 7% on this metric, bettering the 4% yielded by cosmetics, one of the lowest totals in this area.

Data sourced from conZumo; additional content by Warc staff