LONDON: Many marketers are risking customer burnout with their overzealous and intrusive email campaigns, a survey from UK specialists Emailvision has suggested.

According to the poll, which questioned 2,000 British adults on their recent interactions with marketing messages, 75% of people would resent a company that "bombarded" them with emails.

Almost half (40%) also said they would refuse to share any of their personal details with brands, even if it meant receiving better-targeted offers and discounts as a result. Just 28% were willing to share their name, and 38% their age.

Neil Hamilton, director of Emailvision, said: "It's imperative that a customer never becomes 'just a number' even in a database of millions.

"Technology enables all businesses to treat their customers to a personalized experience across multiple sales channels."

The report also listed common features associated with email marketing campaigns that had the effect of stoking consumer anger.

A majority of respondents (71%) said they resented brands that sent unsolicited emails, while 50% were annoyed by messages that got their name wrong.

Hamilton added: "When a visitor interacts with your online business, they are giving you their data in exchange for a relevant experience with your brand.

"If a business doesn't choose to make use of this data correctly, they are missing out on important knowledge that could positively or negatively impact business for years to come."

Data sourced from Emailvision; additional content by Warc staff