BERLIN: Consumers in Germany are buying an increasingly diverse range of products online, a list now extending well beyond first mover categories such as travel and electronics.

BITKOM, the trade body, and Aris, the research firm, polled 1,000 internet users in the country, and found 90% made purchases from ecommerce platforms.

More specifically, a 39.5% share of the sample had previously acquired tickets for plays, concerts and similar events on the web.

This figure stood at 38.2% for flights, 36.6% when discussing streaming or downloading music, 32.3% with reference to books, and 30.4% for booking and paying for accommodation like hotels.

Clothing and accessories logged 29.1% here, ahead of consumer electronics such as TVs, mobile phones and cameras, typically one of the earliest categories to see a major uptick in online activity, on 28.3%.

Train tickets secured 25.5% on this metric, and electrical appliances yielded 23.5%, the same score as registered by movies and DVDs. PC and video games recorded 20.4%.

A further 19.2% of interviewees had bought a computer via the net, while 18.8% had rented a car in this way, 18% had ordered pharmaceutical products, and 15.7% snapped up furniture and furnishings.

"The prospects for online retailers are better than ever in Germany," said Bernhard Rohleder, the CEO of BITKOM.

Data sourced from BITKOM; additional content by Warc staff