A cash-spat that deprived several millions of EchoStar Communications' Dish subscribers of CBS broadcasts and a number of popular cable channels was settled Thursday.

The satellite operator, America's second largest, kissed and made up with Viacom after the latter's programming was pulled earlier this week. On Wednesday, EchoStar chairman/ceo Charlie Ergen confided to the Wall Street Journal: "We are pretty close in terms of an agreement in principle … It can happen in an hour, or it can happen in a month."

The agreement came within hours of that utterance -- and in a jointly agreed statement, Ergen cooed: "We understand that this has been a difficult few days for our customers, and we thank them for all the encouragement they have given us throughout. We also look forward to a long relationship with Viacom in which we can provide their quality channels to our viewers."

Data sourced from: USA Today; additional content by WARC staff