INTERACTIVE MARKETING is a new personal and household level concept developed by GUS-owned target marketing and database specialist Experian. Using a new database of detailed information on forty-four million consumers, Experian claims that simply keying-in a customer’s name and address will call-up detailed information on that customer’s age, type of home, how long they have resided at their current address, whether they are a director or shareholder, and what interests and hobbies they are likely to enjoy. This information can then automatically activate an individualised contact strategy across whichever media or contact channels a marketer desires -’ perhaps via a call centre (using an intelligent script), or a specially tailored mailing-piece, by e-mail or Internet connection and, in the near future, interactively through digital TV. It can even be used to trigger a specially personalised message on cash machines. Ex-perian claims the concept is applicable to virtually every industry sector marketing to consumers, and will change the way in which companies do business.