LONDON: Global market research body ESOMAR, which is holding its annual congress in London this week, has unveiled figures for industry turnover.

Topping the table for 2005 was the US with $7.77 billion (€£6.13bn; £4.12bn) followed by the UK as the world's second biggest MR market. Germany was beaten into third place last year by France. Japan ranks fifth. The total global MR spend for 2005 was $23.3bn.

China's market grew by 25% and it is expected to break into the world's top five within six years.

ESOMAR's industry report says more than two thirds of global turnover is generated in the five biggest markets. Europe's share is up to 45% and North America's down to 36% (including US, 33.1%). Asia Pacific's share is 14%, with turnover up 7.4% on last year.

The UK still has the world's highest MR spend per capita with the equivalent of $39.69. At the other end of the European scale, Latvia, Poland and Lithuania all have per capita MR spend of less than one tenth that in the UK; while in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Myanmar, spend is less than 10 cents a head.

Manufacturing accounts for nearly half of all MR spend (48%): of this, more than half (56%) is fmcg, while almost a quarter (24%) is pharmaceutical and health care.

In terms of spend by research method, online rose by a modest amount - up only 2% - across the world, but is expected to continue growing steadily, while use of face-to-face methods for quant saw the most drastic change - down 7% on the year.

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