EPMA – the European Marketing Alliance – on Friday welcomed the European Parliament’s vote approving the harmonization of sale promotion regulations across the EU.

However, the Strasbourg vote is only the first stage of the bill’s passage through parliament. It has come under intensive fire from a number of opponents, each of whom favour differing elements of the fragmented status quo.

The proposed bill, Sales Promotions Regulation, if adopted as it stands, will sweep away the general bans and restrictions applied in a number of member states, ensuring legal certainty through the application of the principle of mutual recognition.

The nub of the new legislation is that sales promotion services lawfully established in one member state can be freely provided in the other fourteen.

Hailing the decision, EPMA board member Margot Parker said: “It’s a moment to give thanks for, we have come a long way. But I must raise a cautious note in that we are still not out of the woods; we must wait for the plenary vote in September.”

Data sourced from: EPMA; additional content by WARC staff