In the latest twist in the Kirch Gruppe/EMTV saga, Nickolaus Becker, head of EMTV’s supervisory board has denied that he will resign at a board meeting today following pressure on him from Kirch.

Becker is believed to have incurred the wrath of Kirch’s managing director Dieter Hahn for suggesting that media group Kirch raise its bid for its troubled rival. EMTV’s suitor is now thought to want Becker out of the way to secure the deal [WAMN: 08-Jan-01].

However, Becker did not entirely rule out resignation. “I don't consider myself a bargaining chip,” he explained, “but if the only obstacle to a deal is my position, I can only say the future of the company, its employees, and its shareholders is more important than clinging to my job”.

News source: Financial Times