Rupert Murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth, currently managing director of one of dad’s businesses, Sky Networks, broke the news of her decision to BSkyB chief executive Tony Ball only last Friday. “I am going to have a third child”, confided Ms Murdoch, 31, adding that she and her partner, high-flying PR man Matthew Freud, were “absolutely delighted”.

The happy event, however, is not the only reason for her departure; Ms Murdoch also plans to set-up her own London-based TV production company creating output for BSkyB, the Murdoch-owned satellite broadcaster: “I want to do films, television and new media. There are huge opportunities out there at the moment”, she said.

Gramps reaction to news of the imminent arrival and departure, as quoted in The Times, came across as somewhat guarded: “When she feels her children are older, she is very welcome to come back to the company to which she has made a significant contribution”, he said.

Sourced from: The Times (UK)