The Nike website was occupied on Wednesday by hijackers protesting against the September meeting of the World Economic Forum in Victoria, Australia. Demanding “global justice”, the hackers redirected would-be visitors to the web pages of a Melbourne-based anarchist group called S11.

The hijacking was neatly accomplished by transferring control of the Nike site to that of an innocent third party – a Scottish domain registrar called FirstNET Online Management - which then attempted to notify Nike of the problem. Unfortunately for Nike, its listed webmasters had left the company and no other online contacts were shown.

The multinational sportswear giant has now regained control of its site and claims that no customer information was lost during the ‘occupation’. It has updated its security procedures against similar future hijackings.

Meantime, Network Solutions, the company responsible for management of Nike’s domain, is investigating how the site’s defenses were penetrated.

News source: BBC Online Business News (UK)