The European Central Bank yesterday revealed details of its advertising and information campaign designed to prepare three hundred million Europeans for the introduction of euro banknotes and coins in 2002.

The campaign, awarded to Publicis last year [WAMN: 27-Oct-00], will feature the slogan ‘The euro – our money’ and involve millions of leaflets and a saturation ad effort in the eleven languages of the European Union.

Explained ECB president Wim Duisenberg: “We aim to provide very broad access to information, to communities and individuals, to old and young, to people in towns and the countryside, to the disabled and the able-bodied.”

The ECB has delayed the launch of the campaign until September, just four months before the introduction in January of the new money, since it believes that the public will be most receptive to the information in the direct run-up to the change of currency. However, a recent survey suggests that 30%–50% of the euro-zone public would either not be reached by TV and print ads or would see the message but not take it on board.

The twelve countries in the euro-zone must phase out their national currencies by the end of February 2002.

News source: Financial Times