MTV Networks Europe has landed a major advertising assignment from the European Commission to promote the newly-launched euro currency to youth markets in all fifteen member states of the European Union.

The 24-hour music network, which submitted a creative proposal to win the business, claims to be viewed by more than one hundred million households across Europe's 43 markets.

Georges Ingber explained the EC’s rationale: “Youth remains an often underestimated and priority target, as they are tomorrow's citizens, and it is important for them to adopt the euro as their currency. MTV appeared as one of the most appropriate media given its huge audience and its informal style, enabling it to pass on important messages in a light vein. We were most impressed with the impact of the finished product.”

The MTV-designed commercial emulates its frenetic youth-oriented program content, with the sign-off showing a group of youngsters forming the symbol of the Euro with their hands.

News source: AdAge Global