Leading members of Europe’s advertising industry are joining forces to oppose new laws being considered by the European Commission.

Although details of the Rome II Regulation have yet to be unveiled, a leaked draft has caused consternation among the continent’s advertising bodies. The new regulations will, it is feared, fragment the single market by allowing marketing practices which are legal in one state to be judged illegal elsewhere, leaving marketers liable to prosecution.

This would pose problems for e-tailers, whose marketing operations in, say, the UK could be judged illegal under Germany’s stricter sales promotion laws if their websites were also accessible in that country.

The struggle against the new proposals is led by the Federation of European Direct Marketing Associations, public affairs consultant DLA Upstream and the Advertising Information Group (a data-gathering body including the UK’s Advertising Association and its EU counterparts). They are urging banks, e-tailers, financial services firms and US companies trading in Europe to join their pressure group.

“What's at stake here is the future of the single market itself,” warned DLA Upstream managing director Lionel Stanbrook. The pressure group will hold an inaugural meeting in April to discuss a plan of action for the five-month consultation period preceding the law’s implementation.

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)