DIRECT-SELL AIRLINE easyJet is preparing to seek a public listing next year, according to its ebullient high profile chairman, Stelios Hadji-Ioannu. Speaking at a European Aviation Club lunch in Brussels, Hadji-Ioannu said that the cash raised by the flotation will be used to fund the order placed two years ago for 42 Boeing 737-300s. easyJet had also dropped its predatory pricing complaint against British Airways’ cut-price subsidiary, Go, as he is now ‘more relaxed’ about BA’s move into the cut-price airline sector. [Stelios is nothing if not shrewd. Having milked the BA predatory pricing claim for all it was worth -’ and in terms of free ‘David vs Goliath’ publicity for his fledgling airline, it was worth a fortune -’ he now realises that that this could be a millstone round the neck of an application for a listing. The EC2 bookies are not all that fond either of controversy or hubris. Ask Richard Branson.]