THE FLAP of chickens coming home to roost drowned even the roar of Concorde’s take-off at Heathrow as business travellers, tired of high fares and low reliability, voted direct-sell airline easyJet as more reliable than British Airways, British Midland and KLM. In an annual survey conducted by Company Barclaycard, Lufthansa topped the poll with 45% of business travellers rating it 'excellent' for reliability, followed by KLM uk [formerly Air UK] and Virgin Atlantic, both with 37%; then American Airlines with 35%. EasyJet occupied fifth place with 33%, lagged by British Midland, KLM and BA with respective ratings of 29%, 23% and 22%. EasyJet is now the seventh most-used airline by business travellers and the first direct-sell, low-cost carrier to be rated in the Barclaycard survey.