MOSCOW: The online retail sector is expanding rapidly in Russia as growing numbers of consumers warm to the possibilities offered by e-commerce.

According to figures from the European Interactive Advertising Association, there are currently 42.4 million netizens in Russia, typically dedicating 11.5 hours to surfing the net each week.

Overall, 94% of this audience had made a booking, obtained goods and services or ordered something to be delivered to a local store via this medium in the last six months.

More specifically, 71% of people had bought books in this way, falling to 54% for music, 48% for films and 44% for electronic appliances.

Coca-Cola, Philips and Samsung are among the brand owners which have recently heightened their online adspend in Russia.

One reason behind this trend is that the web provides a wide reach across the entire breadth of the country, which is difficult to achieve using most other forms of media.

The average web user in the country spent €550 ($698; £473) online in the assessment period, somewhat below the total of €655 for Europe as a whole.

The EIAA also reported that 82% of the Russian internet population had researched products using this channel and made a purchase based on the results.

Data sourced from Vedomosti; additional content by Warc staff