According to pizza delivery chain Domino’s Pizzas, online orders now average £50,000 per week in the UK and Ireland.

In particular, sales have been driven by interactive TV, boosting them in total to over £1 million. According to a Domino’s spoke, orders placed via interactive TV channel Open [control of which was gained earlier this week by BSkyB, WAMN, 17-Jul-00] are triple those received from the internet. Watching TV”, said the spoke, “is more of a communal activity than surfing the internet on a PC, and so more suited to ordering of pizzas”.

A rapid rise in sales via interactive TV is anticipated as more UK homes go digital and sign-up to satellite and cable interactive shopping services. E-pizza sales helped Domino’s pre-tax profits for the half-year to 25 June rise to £1m from £349,000 last year. Turnover rose to £14.5m, up from £12m

News source: BBC Online Business News (UK)