Newspapers in the Netherlands, struggling with revenue slumps, have been thrown a lifeline by the government's relaxation of media ownership rules.

The Dutch cabinet announced this week that combined individual market shares in newspapers, TV and radio will be allowed to run as high as 90%.

A statement issued by the government says: "For example, a publisher with a 30% share in newspapers may own 60% of the TV market or 50% of TV and 10% of the radio market."

Previously Dutch law had restricted newspaper publishers with a market share of more than 25% from owning more than one-third of a national broadcaster.

The government has also decided to allow more advertising and in-programme sponsorship at commercial TV broadcasting companies Talpa TV and SBS.

This will bring them more into line with Dutch TV broadcaster RTL, which is governed by the media law of neighboring Luxembourg where it is officially headquartered.

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff