NEW YORK: As millions of US citizens prepare to celebrate all things Irish on St Patrick's Day, the federal government is being pressed by alcoholic drinks firms to declare it a national holiday.

Diageo, which makes quintessentially Irish beer brand Guinness, has been joined in its lobbying endeavors by Anheuser-Busch, which has the US import rights for Bass Ale.
The two brands are often mixed in Irish bars where the so-called Black and Tan drink is served.

UK-headquartered Diageo set the holiday ball rolling with an online petition seeking one million names, now to be bolstered by print and radio ads from A-B.

Said a Diageo spokesman: "On St Patrick's Day everybody is Irish, and everyone at Guinness is genuinely complimented by all the attention and good will being focused on our quest to make St  Patrick's Day a national holiday."

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