NEW YORK: The publisher of The Wall Street Journal (already known in ill-mannered circles as Dow Murdoch) announced Monday it intends to launch Pursuits, a new glossy monthly magazine aimed at exploring "the world of wealth".

Plans for the new title were finalized last week at a meeting between Dow executives and Rupert Murdoch, the firm's soon-to-be proprietor.

It will target the WSJ's readership - a demographic as glossy as the magazine - and its content will also be made available free online.

It is customary that such announcements also name the person appointed to the helm. But Dow Murdoch is curiously coy about the identity of Pursuits' editor.

Could it be, speculate some of planet media's wilder observers, that the chieftain of Clan Murdoch will himself take Pursuits' helm? Is Keith Rupert about to expose himself as a closet editor?

There is some evidence to support this unlikely theory - for example the uncanny unanimity on all matters political and commercial of NewsCorp editors worldwide.

But those with their feet more firmly fixed to terra firma favor a less gonzo-like theory.

Namely that the WSJ's so-called 'wealth reporter' Robert Frank, who wrote Richistan, a book about the lives of the seriously rich, is set to become Pursuit's editor, either as chef or maître d'hôtel.

A less beguiling but more probable scenario.

Data sourced from Wall Street Journal Online. additional content by WARC staff